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Glass Cabins in the Outback

The artist brings us into a vibrant world where modular glass cabins float above the rugged Australian landscape. While inherently modern in its sleek style, the mood created evokes a sense of cabincore cosiness and comfort. 💡Midjourney Prompt: modern house with a red / brick wall, in the style of dark...


A Bird's Haven

The painting exudes a sense of tranquillity and lightness through the depiction of a small bird perched on a flowering branch. Executed in a Primitivist Realist manner reminiscent of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the work hints at deeper emotional undercurrents beneath its peaceful surface. 💡Midjourney Prompt: a small bird...



This vibrant pixelated scene radiates with colour and light, beckoning the viewer into its cartographic dreamscape. Clustered forms in rough black and white suggest mountainous terrain emerging from the darkness into the light. Their pixelated patterns and fluid shapes evoke both vibrancy and ambiguity, like fantastical topographies from an 8-bit...

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