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The Waxwing Whispers: A Transcendent Encounter with Artistry

đź’ˇMidjourney Prompt:ethereal Bohemian Waxwing bird, Bombycilla garrulus, intricate details, ornate, rainbow, detailed illustration, octane render, Johanna Rupprecht style, William Morris style, trending on artstation, highly detailed, cinematic lighting, photography --chaos 10 --ar 2:4 --style raw --q 2 Have you ever gazed upon a piece of artwork that made...


The Radiance of Night: A Digital Interpretation of a Golden Owl

💡Prompt:a blue and golden owl in the dark, dark gold, strong facial expression, digital art techniques,in the style of beeple, ethereal light effects, realistic hyper-detail, zbrush, light gold and azure, intertwined networks, translucent layers  The digital tableau under consideration manifests as a detailed portrayal of a golden owl...

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